Wavelength Audio, ltd. News Page.

New Cardinal Twin stereo 300B amplifier with 6SL7 NOS input tubes, shared GZ34 rectifier in either copper or silver. See product page for details.

USB Spacelator FS/HS isolation and reclocker now available in the store. $500.00

Only 7 more Brick N2s available and that’s ti. I do have some silver MagneQuest chokes for Callisto (4 pair). 14 more upgrades for Brick then that’s it.

Elara Single Ended amplifier is now shipping. Several tube choices available: 45, 2A3, 6A3/6B4G, 50, PX4, 300B

Changing the name for the Corona amplifiers to Cyllene for obvious reasons.

The release of the Pelham USB DAC with differential dual NOS dac chips (DN2). The differential DAC module goes to the main board which has a pair of 1:1 transformers that unites the differential into single ended feeding the 71A output with custom loading choke and output transformer. This unit will replace the Crimson which we can no longer make.

Western Electric 300B are now available with any of our custom SET amplifiers.

New Callisto USB DAC with silver output transformers available. Another N2 design using VT135 triode tubes on the output and external linear supply. $10,000

Cosecant N2 is available now, 24/96 NOS hybrid dac with isolated USB, I2S reclocker and totally upgraded motherboard. We have only enough transformers for 2 more than that’s it.

New store page has been added with available products.

RMAF 2019

Brick N2 24/96 optically isolated USB with a new controller with 20x the buffering space, new reclocker hybrid NOS dac chip with passive IV and the Reactor Follower output stage.

Duetto v5 stereo 300B 8W amplifier available now, $5000 with oval badge or $5500-$5750 (depending on wood type) with wood inlaid front. Also available with Silver outputs: $20K

Triton Silver 300B 10-15W per channel custom made version. Depending on tube rectifier you use (5AR4/GZ34 15W, GZ378 12W, 5R4/274B 10W). $40K pair