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A quick note on my amplifiers. I do have a lot of stock still of MagneQuest transformers and I can still build silver versions of Cardinal’s and Napoleon’s. I do not have any copper transformers for either of those. I do mostly custom amplifiers right now of various tubes. Yes WE300B, 50’s, 45’s, 2A3, PX4, VT25/10Y and various others. Best to contact me and tell me what you are looking for.

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Cardinal Twin

Before 1995 I was making the Cardinal Twin on a Dynaco ST70 chassis with that power transformer and custom TFA204 output transformers. I can make 23 sets of these with MagneQuest transformers in stock in Copper (either 4/8 ohms or 8/16 ohms) and in pure Silver (8/16 only). The output transformers are what I would called TFA204+ on a larger stack underneath the chassis top. 10W from 10Hz to 25Khz using 6SL7 (NOS Sylvania) tubes for each channel, shared GZ34/5AR4 rectifier and 300B outputs. Built on a solid cherry chassis with six Black Gate VK capacitors, dual isolating chokes, ODAM paper in oil coupling capacitors and custom made grid chokes.
Copper standard $7000, with WE300B $7500
Silver upgraded with WE300B $20,000

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Cardinal and Napoleon custom amplifiers.

The Cardinal 300B Amplifier happened back in 1995 as one of the first SET’s for high end audio. It won Product of the Year in TAS and several versions have Class A ratings in Stereophile.

300B, WE417A/5842A, GZ34/5AR4 12W

The Napoleon came shortly after the Cardinal as a lesser powered amplifier that was more refined. Winning the Fi Products of the Century and other awards.

300B, WE417A/5842A, 5R4/274B 8W

Both available with all silver output transformers. As with all Wavelength products, Black Gate Capacitors, Munforf, and Shinko Tantulum Resistors are used in the design. All transformers made custom by MagneQuest. Price on request.

I can only make the silver versions of these at this time.
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Cyllene (previously Corona) parallel feed custom mono block amplifier
The Cyllene amplifier can be built with a number of different tubes.
  • 300B 6W
  • 50 6W
  • VT52 6W
  • 2A3 3W
  • 6A3/6B4G 3W
  • 45 2W
  • others on request

The Cyllene like other Wavelength products uses premium components by MagneQuest, Black Gate, V-cap, Mundorf. These are available with either Copper or pure Silver wound transformers.

I am changing the name of these for obvious reasons to Cyllene. Various models available with MagneQuest stock that we have remaining.
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Duetto v5 Stereo 300B Amplifier
As with all the Duetto amplifiers previously, this is a stereo 300B 8W amplifier. This version is the smallest of the versions made, but also the most musical. The input tube is a 12AT7 that is cap coupled to the 300B with zero feedback. As with all the other Duetto’s the heaters on the 300B are regulated and self biased. The EZ81 rectifier is used in PI configuration for the lowest noise. The Duetto is available with the single Wavelength Badge or the wood front as pictured. Also available with copper of pure silver wound MagneQuest output transformers.

As with all Wavelength products, Black Gate Capacitors, Munforf, and Shinko Tantulum Resistors are used in the design. Transformers made custom by MagneQuest. $5000 Copper, $15,000 Silver, Wood Front with pearl inlay + $500. WE300B +$750
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